The Courtyard of Miracles – The Musical

The cultural organization, Lykofos, in collaboration with the Megaron Athens Concert Hall as co-producer, is preparing a momentous theatrical venture,opening on 11 February 2022 at the Megaron Athens Concert Hall.

The “Karolos Koun” award-winning director, Christos Sougharis, and the internationally renowned soloist and composer, Stefanos Korkolis, have signed on to a special adaptation of the most iconic work of modern Greek theatre, Iakovos Kambanellis’ The Courtyard of Miracles as a musical.Participating along with them will be a remarkable group of well-known actors and theatrical collaborators.

Gerasimos Evangelatos, lyrics; Marissa Triantafyllidou, dramaturgy; and Fokas Evangelinos, choreography. Signing on to set and costume design is Eleni Manolopoulou and lighting, Alekos Anastasiou. In the role of Annetos will be Roula Pateraki, and as Iordanis, Manos Vakousis.
Giorgos Gallos (Stelios)
Vasilis Bisbikis (Babis)
Katerina Papoutsaki (Olga)
Kora Karvouni (Voula)
Maria Diakopanagiotou (Dora)
Mariza Tsari (Maria)
Giorgos Tsiandoulas (Stratos)
Alexandros Varthis (Yiannis)
Kris Radanov (Man)
Sotiria Rouvoli (Woman)

Some comments from the director
The Courtyard of Miracles is focused on the lack of stability and security which characterizes the life of the Greeks. This instability begins with our erratic climate, our “strategic” geographic location, the poverty of our land, and it ends with our individual economic circumstances. Everything in Greece rises and falls very easily, it is swept along, it disappears, and our usual desire is to find stability somewhere, to feel a sense of security.

A few words about the creative team
Christos Sougharis and Stefanos Korkolis began their collaboration with the Beckett-esque production of another Kambanellis play, The Road Passes Within, at the Horn Theatre, a production which introduced a new perspective on the stage interpretation of modern Greek texts. This was followed by Euripides’ Bacchae at the Herod Atticus Theatre in the summer of 2020, an interpretation of the tragedy whose alternative narrative was received enthusiastically, garnering praise from the public and critics alike. Sougharis and Korkolis have now continued their collaboration with the challenging objective of transforming Kambanellis’ classic masterpiece into a musical.

The premiere is scheduled for 11 February 2022 in the Alexandra Trianti Hall of the Megaron Athens Concert Hall. The Courtyard of Miracles - The Musical will run through 25 February 2022.

EN Translation © Diana Savas

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